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Kitty of the Month posting Suggestion
08-22-2021, 12:24 PM
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Kitty of the Month posting Suggestion
I used to love to participate in the Kitty of the Month EVERY month and spent a lot of time trying to make all the traits required to win a gem and the pride of being successful in that accomplishment.
Today, we got the kitty of the month posting on the 22nd of the month and I'm sorry but this is NOT enough time to find boxed cats in my inventory, birth them and wait 2 weeks to make the first box toward the goal. Without the exact Traits in my cattery, it takes several weeks to make more boxes and blend those traits to hope for a "win". It is not possible to make the cat without enough BIRTHING time for a boxed cat then to blend the traits. This is a special contest that brings about fun and challenge and the timing is not helpful when we are not given allowance for birthing boxes. Handing out this kitty on the 22nd of August would require LIVE cats already breeding in order to attempt this challenge.
I suggest that instead of the announcement being late and what seems an afterthought for a special challenge which should be a fun event, that a group of "Kitty of The Month" cats are preselected far in advance .. say a list of perhaps 6 months worth to be chosen and all is necessary is to post, rather than have to take time to plan and think about what to choose for this or the following month. When time is short and there are many things that require attention and planning, Gathering a PRE-designated list that just needs posting on time would be indeed helpful for those of us who enjoy this challenge. I pose to you that we are not given consideration of enough time to unbox several cats with mixed traits which need 14 days to birth and puts us already behind at least 5 days into the month we are challenged to meet.
Thank you for listening and hopefully, we have a solution to getting this challenge on track in a timely fashion. Otherwise, I believe it is not worth rearranging our entire catteries and messing up traits for other line breeding which will not produce the target before the end of the time allowed.

Best wishes and be well!
Luckylady Llewellyn
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