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New Text Suggestion
05-14-2019, 06:40 AM
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New Text Suggestion
I would like to suggest a new line in the "text" fields. I *love* seeing/using the name field to keep notes on "this hides this, dad was this" type thing...but i also would like to just name it "joe" or "jane". I realize pedigree has a section for notes, but if you pass the kitty, as far as i know, those notes don't pass. If I have a kitty running around, i don't "need" it's name to be "5T(9T,GStar) OE Unity Brik M"...but having a field under (between the name and the age, i think) to me would be awesome. Can turn it on for sales, and off for other times. Even for sales, it would show up when the person clicks on it, and gets the stats, so it's not "necessary" to have it on even for sales.
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