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new traits found!!! - FoxieCat Resident - 09-18-2020 02:22 PM

congrats to Channing who found the "blue tipped" whisker!!! (our first colored whisker outside flame and blonde!)

congrats to ReeciePie who found the "Galaxy Lava" eye!! (exclusive to the Cheetah! collection)

congrats to Reecie again who found the Cheetah! Blue raspberry fur!!! yay!!

now go make cool kitties everyone with this!!! Smile can't wait!

[Image: 81e5edad0bfdf65203ad79d95050e9e8.png]

[Image: 21910aaf817e3f0d2805ba64f04c87b6.png]

[Image: 98026fcac6ae0a3f5ef687c696472f0c.png]