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Full Version: Kittycat of the Month
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Hi Smile I'm new to all this and am wondering how newborn kittycats, who have some of the traits of the kittycat of the month, are added to the list of kittycats who have the traits. I bred one which has a some of the traits and would love to see it added to the list, even though it won't win. Do I need to register it, or something like that? Thanks!
Hello Mysti welcome to our community Smile

The people who are most close to breed the KittyCatS of the month are listed here ยป
The server will recognise the kitty most close to the kitty of the month requirements.
The traits which meets those traits challenge are listed in red.
I'm unsure if the kitty has to be unboxed for the server to recognise it maybe someone else knows the answer to that :-)
Anyway you do not have to assign for this or something.
The only requirement is you bred the kitty yourself and not bought it.

I hope this helps good luck with breeding the KittyCatS of the month :-)
Thank you for the welcome and the reply. It has 6 of the desired traits and I see another one on the list with 6 traits, so maybe you're right about it having to be birthed to show up on the list. I guess I could answer the question by birthing it. Smile
Hi Mysti Smile Once the server (or whatever it is that recognises the kitties for this) finds a kitty with more matching traits it stops adding kitties with fewer matching traits to the list. Right now there are kitties with 8 matching traits, so if your kitty was created after kitties with 7 and 8 matching traits were found, it won't be on the list.

I don't think boxed or birthed makes a difference for this but i'm not 100% sure.
You don't have to birth the cat for it to appear on the list.
Only requirements are the kitten is dropped by he mom during the month and
shows as many or more traits than the ones already on the list.
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