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Full Version: Kittycest and what it means to us
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(04-13-2013 04:06 AM)Ethereal Hurricane Wrote: [ -> ]Not to sound rude, as I'm just overly curious, was there some fight or debate, that caused this thread to be created? O_O

Did posts before Dev's get deleted?

No not rude at all. I had just heard part of something and wanted to make a point in hopes of making that person..(I thought people at first) feel better about the word kittycest.

There have been times ppl didn't like words or statements a lot of us use to describe how we breed. Like the term "pulling" to get traits.

We all use different phrases and words with no intention of offending anyone. I call them short cuts to describe things we do when breeding. Some ppl aren't comfortable with some of them.

But in such a large diverse community it's hard to be politically correct. I don't think any of us intend to hurt or offend anyone. Smile
(04-09-2013 09:22 PM)Winter Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ][quote='devilness chant' pid='27006' dateline='1365557790']
This is a large diverse community. And in a large diverse community we need to except ppl the way they are and not be too quick take offense. That doesn't mean we should take their abuse either. Smile

I owned a voyeur lounge.
Folks would come in with all sorts of whacked out stuff going on!
You think one can offend me with fake kitteh breeding techniques,
or creative terminology??
Nayyyyy, do what you must to achieve the boo boo tail!



(04-10-2013 03:07 PM)Kayleigh McMillan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi dev!
I know what to say and what I forgot to mention ...
I so agree with the pussy part you mentioned Undecided
But I think also if people love the pussy jokes let them have their funsters LOL
And hey they now have a Mega Pussy to joke about a ridable one even Confused
Hold your horses it can become worse.
I still think there should come iny tiny willy as a size trait, a barely visable one, to balance things out.
I'm all for equalty Smile

Bwa ha ha... Sorry but that would be funny. I totally agree with all that has been said!
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