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Full Version: Special Panel A @6pm Sat Pair of Franken Kitties
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Thats right a boy and girl FrankenKitty Blue Bone is up on the Special Panel A at Hole in the Wall Marketplace for Sat March 23 Auction.

Opening bid is going to sweet for this lovely pair so come on down and take them home. See you there tomorrow at 6pm SLT

Here's your taxi;
do not miss these cuties at 6pm SLT, FrankenKitties Blue Bone. Both male and female on Special Panel A

Come on down and bring your friends!

Hope to see you there Big Grin
search those couch cushions and then head on down to Hole In The Wall Marketplace for a chance to take these beautiful kitties home.

Come on down @ 6pm SLT, hope to see you there.
Special Panel A coming up, hurry on down here and steal these kitties!!!
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