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Im going to travel soon so ive set on sale some of my kittys at my cart, not sure wen i leave an not sure wen i will be back but wen i leave il probably have to send them to menagerie because it may be a few months trip or keep the collection ones sick in inventory wich would be shame because theyre young and still breeding Sad
ive also set many of my boxes even cheaper, atm you can find live an breeding a tempest, 2 love leopards huckleberry girl and boy and girl and boy tiger curls with a boxed baby too and live burmse newborn girl hiding goodies
Theres also sale on my collection kittys boxed and boxed ebony silver, bali seal pointed softfold, ody caleioscope an a big pink egg full of random 89 linen kittys
heres a link to them
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