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Full Version: cats starving
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on our land we got 7 cats,i got 5,partner got 2

food is set to parcel/group,partner is in me land group,

partner's cats hunger is up at 70% Sad HELP
and also,my 2 oldest cats,pickles and sunshine DIED Sad Sad Sad Sad

woke up 1 morning,they were in red and said DISABLED "I CRIED" Sad
I would suggest filing a ticket on your disabled cats.

For the food make sure all the cats and food is are in the land group, and maybe try rerezing them.
Kittycats don't die NytStalker, don't worry. What probably happened is that they needed an update and didn't get it during the time they were supposed to get it. Filing a ticket seems the best solution to me too.

I hope all your kitties and your partner's kitties get well soon
I've found its usually the cats not being set to the food dish group.
You have your fishing tournament group lit up over your head and you start dropping cats on the floor
the next thing you know they are sending you PLEEEEEEEEASE FEED US, WEEEE ARE STARVING emails.
Disabled red warnings usually happen when you dont update the cat.
But nobody is dead, they are just lying around under a nicely textured indian blanket with a thermometer in their mouth.
( Actually I would like to make a Clint Eastwood 'man with no name' poncho out of that blanket, its really nicely woven. )
If its something more drastic, some kinda zombie apocolypse plague,
then you file the bug report and Kitten Longmeadow shows up and waves her pixie wand at em and everybody is fine.
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