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Full Version: ~*~ Piper's Precious Kitties ~*~
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Does anyone else's kitty seem to have love for walls? Everytime I go home, like, 3 or 4 are all up against a wall or corner and they spread out...getting all the walls! LOL!! And by the way....the walls are out of their range. They shouldn't even be able to go near the walls. First 2 pics are way out of their range.

[Image: 5flsup.jpg]
[Image: 16bhnkk.jpg]
[Image: huku2d.jpg]

Those are the 3 favorite walls of theirs. My friends cat does it too!
LOL I have cats that do that also!
Yep, they totally love to pile up at walls and give them a good stare down. Although I guess it's not that weird considering my RL dog will just stare at the couch sometimes Tongue
Maybe there's a mouse in that wall :-)
It's hilarious. When I log in I'm always asking myself, "How many kitties will be at the walls today?" LMAO!!
TY Callie!!

[Image: Snapshot_034_zps6dc0e033.jpg]
My cats do that too! These are some old pictures I have taken before for their meetings near the walls!

[Image: 8198409083_c84011a698.jpg]
Ocicat Tawnies Secret Meeting by Sara Franco @ SL, on Flickr

[Image: 8204637367_05b205a0e5.jpg]
What is in this corner? by Sara Franco @ SL, on Flickr
LMAO!! I love it when they get into the corner. I had ALL my kitties at one of my kitty homes at the wall. 12 kitties. Staring at a wall. I should have got a pic but I needed to go get my kids from school. Tongue

Here's Amy, Rory and River.

[Image: Snapshot_055_zpsc12eef7a.jpg]

They are always at the shop. Just chillin'. Smile
awww so cute!
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