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Full Version: Auction Fri 6pm SLT with Sanura @ Too Adorable
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? MEGAPUSS Abyssinian Black Silver Purrfect Morning Dew Glitter Rounded +3
? Foxy Auburn Purrfect Lemon Twinkle Soft Fold +1
? TEACUP Burmese Flame Purrfect Rainbow Prism Porcelain Soft Fold +3
? Bengal Tawny ODYSSEY SLUSH +1
? Balinese Seal Purrfect Blueberry Illume +3
? Chateau Cocoa & White 1 Wild Odyssey Rounded Wavy +2
? Ocicat Lavender Odyssey Kaleidoscope Flair 2 Tone Whiskers +3
? Balinese Lilac Blue Ice Plush Whiskers +2
? TEACUP Balinese Lilac Lemon Odyssey 1 Blonde Streaked Whiskers +2

? Burmese Flame Odyssey Kaleidoscope Soft Fold +2 raffle board 99L for chance to win! The more you enter the better your chances and if you don't enter you can't win!!!

Don't forget our random giver will be running and it is full of awesome prizes including Gift Cards, Love 5's, Pedigree Givers, Love Drops, Beds, Collars, Vests, Statues from RFL (Old & NEW), Top Hats, glasses, Celebration Kitty Statues, Menagerie Collars, Tee Shirts, Summer Hats and MUCH MORE!!

?? ??

[Image: 8495899589_019cae1883_c.jpg]
Raffle Kitteh 2-22-2013 on Flickr
Yay! Everyone is all set up and ready for you to droll over!!
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