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Full Version: ?Auction With Ace @ Felis Friday 3Pm Panels Available ?
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? KittyCats Auction With Ace @ Felis Friday 3Pm Panels Available ? Prize giver filled with love drops,kibble,and beautiful collars made by serena ; ) and the contest will be "Best In Neko" so come to sell kittys,buy beautiful kittys or just to have fun and get to know the amazing breeders @ Felis ; )

? Auction Friday February 22 3Pm SLT Panels Available & an Amazing line up so far ; ) Contest "Best in Neko" hope to see you all there ?

? Mardi Gras II - Fat Cat Boy -5T Aby Ruddy,Grape,Illume,Vapire Ears+{hdng Bali Lilac,GPs,Strawberry Bellini,OdyBooBoo Shorty Glitter+}

?Mardi Gras II - Fat Cat Girl-4T Bengal Tawny,T-Curious {hdng 9T Ody Dream,Glitter,Rounded +}

? 5T-Chat Coco&wht No1,Tapestry Royale,ChopChop {Hdng Bali seal,Swanky,Twinkle,SoftFold+}

? 9T TOY-Russian Black,Pft Canary,Glitter {Hdng ?Siamese Chocolate,Rainbow+}

? 5T- Snowshoe Bluepoint.Blue Ice,Rounded +{Hng Bengal Snow,Ody Fire&Rain,Ody2+}

?7T-Bali Seal,Blurberry,Illume {Hdng Fancie Blue Diamond?Strawberry Bellini,Twinkle,Rounded+}

?5T- Chateau Cat Cream&Wht No1,2Tone {Hdng Siamese Flame,Lucky Irish,OdyBooBoo,Black Whsk+}

?8T-Russian White,Ody Carnival,Illume,Plush+{Hdng Chocolate Lynx ?Rainbow,GPs,Stubby,Black Plush,Rounded +}

? ? ~*Raffle Kitty*~ 6T Siamese Flame,PFT Ody K,Hiding Ody Bellini,Bali Lilac,Rounded GP 2Tone Plush+}? ? Only 99L to enter the more you enter the better your chances of winning are, kitty up now ends tomorrow after auction ; )
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