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Full Version: Tatiana's Little Cuties
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Been wanting to put my cats up here for a while, just started playing around with PhotoShop so here they are; I will update this to showcase my cats available in the store as time allows, but for now the cats I call and love my own.

[Image: 8489680639_2613a406ff.jpg]
Starburst at Sakura

[Image: 8489680453_eb73f56167.jpg]
Selena and Michael at Sakura

[Image: 8490779742_bd81dda0cb.jpg]
Sandy, Laycie and Me

[Image: 8489680113_74dd1f58f5.jpg]
Sandy and Me on KC's B-Day

[Image: 8489679837_9488612aeb.jpg]
Ruth at Linden home

[Image: 8490779178_05b67d5035.jpg]
Rosie my Starry baby at Sakura

[Image: 8489679219_ce9e657b8c.jpg]
My Mardi Gras Pair of 2013

[Image: 8489678555_2cbf87387a.jpg]
Me and Adon at Sakura

[Image: 8489677653_00716879dc.jpg]
LucasKC playing at Linden home

[Image: 8489677421_4df5e5b20f.jpg]
Kitties chillin at the kitty post

[Image: 8490776396_9dd29b2046.jpg]
Jacolin at Sakura home

[Image: 8489676371_37a7bbb170.jpg]
Gizmo and Amber at Sakura

[Image: 8489676081_a93e5cb290.jpg]
Cole and Jaelyn

[Image: 8489675905_a6b1c5330d.jpg]
Cameron giving Hi5

[Image: 8489675769_80421ae6a3.jpg]
Boaz at Linden home

[Image: 8489675999_f8a00235da.jpg]
Cameron at Sakura by Tatiana Cheng, on Flickr
What an adorable collection of KittyCats and such a great pictures Smile
thank you Smile
Not my full collection yet but good start. So glad to have PhotoShop, now to work on collars Big Grin
So many cuties!!! Good luck with the collars as well!
thank you, just finished my first collar, and its at the store. Will make more and add different designs once i am awake enough to see the screen lol
[Image: 8493162362_2b518427fd.jpg]
My Second Collar_001 by Tatiana Cheng, on Flickr

Yay my second one, really having a lot of fun with these Big Grin
[Image: 8493636974_d276ef2d47.jpg]
My Third Collar_002 by Tatiana Cheng, on Flickr

My third one Big Grin
[Image: 8494390756_30d185f046.jpg]
my fourth collar_001 by Tatiana Cheng, on Flickr

Last collar for the night, will stock store in the morning. Big Grin

**does happy dance after figuring out how to make a transparent collar**
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