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Full Version: Collectibles Starting @750, Non-Collectibles @100
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I just slashed alot of the prices at my store, and added VDay 2013 Kittycats, including some Rainbow Sherberts. I have most of the 2012 Halloween collection, some of the Christmas 2012, as well as Bengal Tawny, Ody Burst eyes, Fancie Pink eyes, a Teacup Foxie, and the New Mardi Gras kitties!!! I also sell a few pedigree givers that I create. Come have a look and get a great deal!

~Purrfect Harmony~
I just did a little more slashing...non-collectibles starting at 100L, collectibles starting at 850!!
Trying to sell some of these KittyCats because I just found my Most Wanted Ever Kittycat!!! Come by, get a GREAT deal on your Kitty & help me to get the Kittycat of my dreams! TY for looking!
My sale continues....and I've restocked.
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