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Full Version: Auction @ Felis With Ace Wednesday 4Pm
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KittyCats Auction With Ace @ Felis Wed 4Pm Panels Available

Auction Wednesday Febuary 20Th 4Pm Slt Contest "Best in Goth" come to win $L ,sell kittys, or just to have fun ; )
Line up So Far

Mardi Gras II - Fat Cat Girl- 6T Foxie Auburn,Rainbow, Foxie Ears {hdng 2Tone+}

7T- Abyssinian Lilac,Pft Wild Cherry,Porcelain +2{Hdng Bali Seal,Ody Rainbow,Twinkle+}

4T- Bigger de Big,Foxie Auburn,Platinum {Hdng Si Choc,Flair,in BG 2Tone & More}

5T-Ocicat - Ebony Silver,Platinum {Hdng Ody 1,Flair,Rainbow+}

5T- Chateau Cat Cream&Wht No1,2Tone {Hdng Siamese Flame,Lucky Irish,OdyBooBoo,Black Whsk+}
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