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Full Version: ???Auction TUESDAY12 PM SLT??? 1 Panel left!
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Join us TUESDAY, 12 pm SLT on the brand new stage!
A Place where some of the Best Breeders including their amazing Cats meets!

!New Breeders Welcome!

Want to bring YOUR cat? Grab your Panel now before all gone.

Click Cat Stats to see pedigrees.

((AP)) Julia's ? 7T Balinese Seal - Perfect Lucky Irish Clover - Illume - 2 Tone Boo Boo Whiskers
HIDES: Rainbow Prism, Chop Chop (shown on Sibling, see Raffle), Curious Ears, Black Whiskers
9T Potential!

? ZzoieZee's ? 6T Balinese Cream Lynx - Small Odyssey Kaleidoscope - Shorty - Mysterious Ears - White Whiskers

? available

? Laina's ? 8T Seal Lynx - Mysterious Strawberry Bellini - Illume - Curious Tail - Rounded Ears - White Mysterious Whiskers

? Garance' Chateau Cat Tawny & White No. 1 - Double Dip Flora - Glitter - Boo Boo Tail - Vampire - Plush Whiskers

? Jolita's ? 6T Balinese Cream - Ice Crystal - Twinkle - Big Boo Boo Ears - White Plush - HIDES FLASH!

? Adrienne's ? 6T Balinese Seal - perfect Fancie Purple Diamond - Flair - Frisky

? Cate's ? 8T Silver Tabby - Perfect Morning Dew - Illume - Boo Boo Tail - Soft Fold - Mysterious

? Magnum's ? 6T Ebony Silver - Odyssey Kaleidoscope - Twinkle - Curious Tail - Soft Fold - White Whiskers

? Yvael's ? Wild FlowerS! - Citrus Blossom - MEGAPUSS

? locked but can be opened if needed

? locked but can be opened if needed

? locked but can be opened if needed

Price Giver is running the whole Auction including amazing Stuff from KittyCatS!
like gift cards, collars, hats and more!

On RaFfLe BoArD:
Julia's ? 9T Chateau Cat Cocoa & White No. 2 - Lucky Irish Clover - Illume - Chop Chop - Curious Ears - 2 Tone Curious Whiskers
HIDES: Balinese Chocolate Lynx OR Balinese Seal Lynx, Rainbow Prism, Black Boo Boo Whiskers

You don't need to be there to win the Kitty!

See you TUESDAY 12 pm!
Taxi here

Only ONE Panel left!
Get ur Panels <3
Today! don't miss it!
NOW! don't miss!!
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