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Full Version: FLASH! FAT CAT! WAVY! & More!! 1 PM Today w Chelle!!
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Join us Saturday at 1pm for a Rockin Good Time featuring some really COOL Cats!!

Mardi Gras II Fat Cat BOY!!
Bali Lilac + Plat + Twinkle + Fussy + WAVY
Foxie Auburn + Carnival + Glitter + 2
Bali Flame + Ody Rainbow + Illume + BLACK PLUSH + 1
Aby CREME + Ody Wonder + Porcelain + Shorty
Bali Cream + PERF Apple + 2
Foxie Auburn + Porcelain + Stubby Tail + White WAVY + 2
TEACUP Gen Diamond II + Splash + FLASH!!

99L Raffle ~ 9T Aby BS w Porcelain, Shorty, Ody1

Can't Wait to See You There!!

Heart Chelle Heart
Updating!! Amazing Lineup Already!! I can't wait!!
Can't wait fun!!!!
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