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Full Version: white cat and mask color incorrect
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[Image: 8466691277_dc8bae4989_m.jpg]

the mask on the cattery image is black and live is white
I noticed this too Neck.
I have the boy and I was so looking forward for him to have a black mask I think, but that is personal taste ofcourse, that would have been prettier.
If I look in the boy's pedigree I see him displayed with a black mask as well just as on the package.
I think a boy with the black mask would be so pretty! I've yet to unbox mine so I wasn't aware there was a difference until I read this topic, thanks Neck! Smile
so the girls mask in world is white? how would we see the mask if the mask is the same color as the cat? Huh
zomg! dam! I thought the black looked so cool with the black mask....sad now Sad
I talked with Kitten Longmeadow and she suggested to me to submit a ticket in case its a bug. I guess the white cats are supposed to have the black mask and the black cats have white ones? I dunno, just thought I'd share what I was told to do.
Thank you Tatiana!
I totally was in love with the black Russian with black mask I assumed we could see the mask on this black fur by a different texture type or so.
I just loved that one I go try to bug Kitten LOL
The image that Callie released in group notices showed a white cat with black mask, and a black cat with white mask.

In world my white cat had a black mask on the box, but was born with white mask. (Same for the mask on box but born with white mask.) They are still beautiful, just not sure what to make of it.
yep! i got a white cat with white mask....
Hi guys. There was indeed a bug with the color of the cats that we have since corrected. Smile

The black cats should have a white mask. The white cats should have a black masks. If the cats are showing different combinations (ie. black cat/black mask or white cat/white mask) putting the cat/box into Low Prim mode will correct it. Sending the cat to the cattery should also correct it.

Thanks! Smile
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