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Full Version: Check out whats New at Cheeky AlleyCats!
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HellCat, Tigra and Rayne has opened up a new shop!

We Have....

9T Breeders to give that little project you are working on a boost
Bali OffSpring to help you with breeding project
Bali Cream off spring to jump start your own line!
....all for 75L a Trait

Unopened Collectors

RFL Steampunk Kittes
Team Kitty Cats (Olympics)
Easter Kittys

Birthed Collectors

Stary Night
Lucky Irish Kitty
Fun Flowers
Halloween 2011 and 2012
Royal RainDear!

Currently On our Raffle Board

On the Raffle:
M & F full siblings showing 6T:
Male - Gen Diam II w/ Perf Peach Bellini, Illume, Cur tail, Rounded ears, White whisks
Female - Gen Diam II w/ Perf Mid Sky, Shorty, Rounded ears, White whisks
Both hiding Burmese Blue, Perfect eyes, Vampire or Ody 1 ears and 2/3 for Myst whiskers.
Boy hides Porcelain and Shorty tail.
Girl hides Prism or Peach Bellini and Illume.
75L to enter,
5 entries needed to start the countdown!

Here is a Taxi to come down and check us out!
we now have two raffle boards up both needing just 4 entries to start the count down. a Russian White hiding Strawberry Bellini Eyes and the breeding pair listed above.
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