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Full Version: ????????? TOO ADORABLE BIDBOARDS! ???????????
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The following kitties are at the boards now and will be available for the next 12 hours or longer. That means you can get a bid in until at least 9:30 AM on June 1.

? Maine Coon Plush Calico Lemon Plush Myst Pft Whisks
? Pandie Ebony & Ivory Pft Crystal Dream Illume
? Chat B&W No.1 Pft Blue Ice Boo Boo Curious White Whisks
? 9T Siam Flame Platinum Flash Pft Whisks
? Bali Cream Pft Ody Sublime Porcelain Chop Chop Pft Whisks
? 9T Aby BS Morning Dew Porcelain Fussy Rounded + 9T Bali Seal Apple Porcelain Chop Chop
? Bali Seal Myst Tapestry Royale Illume Rounded Pft Whisks
? Foxie Blondie, Wipeout, and Silver Tabby Surfer Cats
? Bengal Copper Myst Crystal Spring Curious Rounded Myst Whisks
? 7T Bali Lilac Pft Ody Carnival/Azure Frazzled Pair (Both Wavy OS)
? Chat Grey & White No. 2 Grape Ice Tiger Curl Pair
? Bali Cream Small 18 Ct White Frazzled MEGA
? 9T Chat Grey & White No. 2 Pft Wild Cherry Illume Soft Fold Bigger de Big
? Foxie Salt & Pep Wild Ody Boo Boo Pointed Soft Fold
? Bali Cream Ody Bellini Pft Whisks MEGA
? 5T Chat Grey & White No.2 Small Midnight Sky + 2T Chat 3 Spot No. 1
? Maine Coon Plush Calico Washed Small Ody Carnival Illume White Plush
? 3T Flame III Sunshine (MOF OS)
? Aby Creme Ody Burst Illume Pointed Soft Fold
? Bengal Tawny Myst Ody Rainbow Flair Pointed Soft Fold
? 9T Aby BS Purple Rain/Midnight Sky Illume Pair
? Bali Cream Small Sunshine Twinkle White Plush
? And More!

Come Check Out These Adorable Kitties!

Click HERE for your taxi!
always ~awesome~ cats on the Too Adorable Bid Boards!!!
Ohh lovely!! It looks great Daki!!
Thank you Sanura! Big Grin
And yep, always some cuties here!
Get your final weekend purchases in! Lots of lovely kitties to choose from!
Help brighten your dreary Monday with a nice little kitty!
So many amazing kitties at the bidboards. *O* Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the forum, Daki!
My pleasure Deery! Hate to see any kitty not get the attention they all deserve Big Grin
Updated! Lots of new traits out today!
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