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Full Version: Angelcatz!
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I checked a couple posts in this section and I love seeing live kittycats pictures! So I thought I'd share mine!

[Image: 8296529533_504b9010f7.jpg]
This is my first, a starter, lovely Jazmyn.

[Image: 8297583552_8f1c9805e0.jpg]
Jasper, sleeping... yeah, life is good. Tongue I first got him to breed with Jazmyn, but changed my plans and didn't get a chance yet.

[Image: 8297582134_b596f60f67.jpg]
My gorgeous Enfys. I love Russian black with Ody rainbow eyes *_*

[Image: 8296524269_0e3226c9e8.jpg]
Such a cutie! Nina!

[Image: 8296535193_b0f63a5d2e.jpg]
Handsome Ronan, here, sticking his tongue out at me Tongue

[Image: 8297573160_0a0dcd8bf1.jpg]
Lily always seems so serious!

I already got to breed Ronan and Jazmyn, Enfys and Nina, and Jasper and Lily once. I'm doing it again, I want to figure out what they're hiding! Big Grin
Awe so many cuties!
*huggles all the cute kitties* Heart
Two days old Arthur sleeping on 3 days old Bertha. Yay for megapusses!!! Big Grin

[Image: 8504450061_750e903a02.jpg]
oh my gosh! how stinkin' cute are they?!
so cute, congratulations on some wonderful breeding Big Grin
My oldest kitties just had their last box, so I decided to make nice pictures to celebrate, and remember them until I can afford to perma-pet them Heart

[Image: 8609220615_5175407c8f.jpg]

[Image: 8609221863_b319a20384.jpg]

[Image: 8610329682_e6923dfbde.jpg]

[Image: 8609223041_29dec424bc.jpg]
Yes, Permapet is pretty expensive sadly.
I hope you can soon see them back in a Permapet version Smile
It is nice to keep our favorite and especially first breeders as a memory of all the great kitties they brought us!
Aww so cute, love them all Smile
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