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Full Version: Any nice male KC lover is there?
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Hi all.
Looking a nice male KC at 100% love for breeding with my female (Fur: Burmese - Blue. / Eyes: Azure (Shape: Curious Pupil: Big).
Any gentle breeder would like help me?.
If you can please, send me IM in SL. Thanks. Smile
I see... 16 visitors, many visitors, but none of them seem interested in helping.
Perhaps, for the big breeders such aid will look stupid
Hi Rubby,

Some secondary market locations also have love shacks with cats @ 100% love for sale.

I hope you find a boy for your girl.

Most breeders have their cats in projects and partnered so I don't think this is something a breeder doesn't want to help you with but their cats are simply occupied.
Welcome to KittyCatS by the way Smile
If I have a single cat which I need to breed for some reason such as testing it's hidden features I go to a "Love Shack" as Nen mentioned as well.
Breeders offer there cats for sale which are (almost) ready to breed.
You can find these for example at the "Simply Too Adorable" sim.

Good luck with finding a kitty Smile
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