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Full Version: $299 L 5T Snowshoe hiding Strawberry or Kaleido/Stubby or Tiger Curl $299
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Hides Strawberry or Kaleido eyes and either Stubby or Tiger Curl tail
Box - On the $299 and under priced wall at Kibwe Kitties

Fur: Snowshoe - Bluepoint
Eyes: Apple (Curious|Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Plush
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: Silver (Guitar)
Size: Normal

This baby is a real hidden gem for someone willing to take time to pull the hidden traits back out. And speaking of gems...

*RUBY* for sale, price reduced

So hurry over to Kibwe's room at Klassix Kats and check out these and all the other Halloween treats waiting for you there. Free gift giver is currently running, loaded with kibbles and love and even several very nice kitten boxes!!!
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