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Full Version: Cat Show ???
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Just got curious about something as I was wondering around SL> I happened along an advertisement and a light bulb lit up.

Has there or is there any interest in having cat shows. You know where you enter to win contest and such for things like best line, best quality, awesome traits, perfect features. Get together s to vote or judge pedigrees. Maybe offer stud service and future offspring up for sale?
While a great idea, this may a difficult thing to put together. As unlike a true show with say CFA, there really are no true traits to judge. Like in rl a cat is judged on conformity to the breed, color, eye shape and color, coat, stance, body length and condition just to name a few points. In SL there are no real traits per kitty, so quality will be in the eye of the breeder and what they like or love to breed; features and traits would fall under the same. For instance I love my black russians with morning glory, some type of folded ear (Ody 1 or 2, psf) and am trying to get a cute whisker on whites I love ody dream eyes or purple gerbera with white plush and roundie it is all about what you love.

Judging pedigrees, that could be interesting, but since most do not keep records going back indefinitely on their kittycats, many would only show the last 2 or 3 generations.

All in all it's a great idea and would promote comraderie and community, but putting it all together and setting up the guidelines would be difficult.
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