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Full Version: Monday Night Auction with Karizxmah!
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Monday Night Auction with Karizmah

WOOT! It is once again time for the Monday night auction with Karizmah.
There are some absolute stunners up on panel tonight, and they have been brought to us by some of the very best breeders in the game.

Tonights Cats are: (In Order)
1. ? Bali Choco - 18 Carat/ Boo Boo/ Curious/ 2tone-Myst.
2. ? Bengal Snow - Light Wash Myst.-Small/ Illume/ Myst. Curious
3. ? Siamese Flame - Wild Ody Small/ Myst./ Curious/ White-Myst.
4. ? Russian White - Key Lime Myst.-Small/ Illume/ Myst./ Myst./ White-Myst. (9T)
A. ? Bali Seal - Ody. Rainbow Myst.-Small/ Flair/ Frisky/ Myst./ White-Myst. (9T)
5. ? Bali Flame - Mocha/ White-Myst.
6. ? Aby BS - Ody. Wonder Myst.-Small/ Plush/ Big Boo Boo/ Myst. Whisker
7. ? Bengal Snow - Wild Cherry Myst.-Small/ Porcelain/ Plush/ Myst./ White-Myst. (10T Teacup!)
B. ? Bali Lilac - S. Bellini Small/ Shorty/ Curious/ White-Myst.
9. ? Russian Black - Gerbera Orange/ Frisky/ Myst./ White-Myst.
10. ? Bali Seal - Mercury Myst.-Small/ Ilume/ Curious/ Myst./ White-Myst. (9T)
11. ? Russian Blue - Morning Glory/ Plush/ Softfold/ Myst. Whisker
12. ? Bali Lilac - R. Prism Myst./ Flair/ Curious Ear/ White-Myst.
C. ? Chat. B&W 1 - Apple Myst.-Small/ Twinkle/ Curious/ Curious/ White-Myst.

Drop by and have a look, make up your must have list, and then join us tonight at 6PMslt for what is sure to be an awsome time!
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you lovely folks tonight!

Raffle Cat:

? Everything is Rainbows

Fur: Balinese - Chocolate Lynx
Eyes: Rainbow Prism (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Curious
Ears: Rounded
Whiskers: White (Shape: Guitar)
i dont see any cats listed
Sorry Kovu... Oly came home sick fom work, and I got behind running arrands, and caring for her. Al lthe cats are up now, and the auction is gonna be woot!
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