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Full Version: A huge thank you to all my KittyCats! friends
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I recently had a serious family issue that consumed pretty much every minute of my time. Now that the crisis is past (and Dad is home and annoying Mom again Big Grin) I have to take the opportunity to thank all the KittyCats friends who kept me and my cats going during a very difficult time.

The whole incident gave me time to think about the nature of our community and how wonderful it is that people all over the world have bonded together in support and friendship.

First, I have to thank Karizmah Avro and Sanura Snowpaw, who both responded graciously and without hesitation to last-minute panicky 'I can't make the auction!' IMs. Brother Kar, particularly, has been a rock. (And you can't find better auctioneers in all of SL! They are a fantastic team.) I also want to thank all the friends - particularly my steadfast partner and BFF Tashi Core and my sweet sis Dragomira - for giving me the emotional support and the space I needed.

Finally, I want to thank the community as a whole. Most of you had no clue that I had something going on, and wouldn't recognize me anyway Smile Yet I knew, instinctively, that that there would be many, many people I could rely on for help if I needed it. That speaks volumes about the mutual respect, support and kindness that radiates throughout the greater KC family - and starts at the very top.

We have become accustomed to the fantastic support, the sharing of knowledge, the friendships and the ever-evolving adorability of our favorite breedable pet. But the last few weeks have reminded me never to take that for granted - that it is special, and always worth celebrating.

Thank you. So much.
Hi Karen Smile
I have to admit I had no clue indeed you went trough a tough time and I'm so happy to hear you experience the same in our lovely and supporting community as I do!
It is true this hobby *moi an addict in denial* really brings such wondeful people from all over the world together.
I'm very happy to hear things are more fortunate for you and your family now.

Hugs & Take Care,

awww Karen, thank you for sharing that. i indeed did sense your absence and am SO happy to hear you are ok. Smile it was GREAT to see you again when you started posting it was like "oh yay!!!"

our community is really great and hearing stories like this is so encouraging. we can't always know what is going on with everyone but hearing stuff like this just warms the heart and so thank you again for taking the time to share.

so happy your dad is ok and back to annoying your mom Smile

big hugs.
Awe sweetie *hugs you tightly*
I just have to say that I am truly impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone in the KittyCats Main group is. I have been in SL for a while, and been in many groups and have never seen such a great one! Kudos to all you KittyCats keepers out there!!!
Oh! What did I do? Tongue

*hugs* glad to know your dad is home.
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