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Full Version: Weekend Kick off Auction w. Shania
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and another week is about to be done and the weekend full of SL and Kittyjoy awaits us ...

Kitties in AUCTION today at NOON SLT TODAY:

? 8T BaliLILAC perf OdySorbet & Illume
? 7T TOY Tawny perf Lightwash hides Bali SEAL
? 5T BaliLILAC OdyRainb 6 TWINKLE
? 7T Snow perf Wild Cherry Eyes
? 4T BaliSEAL Mornging Glory & Pointed SoFo
? 9T SiaChoc RainbowP & PORCE
? 5T BurmPlat Plat Eyes FRAZZLED Whiskers

Raffle: ? Cream Tabby RainbowP hides STRAWBERRY & BALI
Ohh nice line up!!
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