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Full Version: Traveling Kitty
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When I logged in this evening, I found the following message: Your object 'KittyCats - Malek' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Governor Linden from parcel '26-Jun-2010 - Abandoned Land' at Motru 243, 162 due to parcel auto return.
When I left this morning both of my kitty's were fine and I have their Range set to 5 meters. Can anyone tell me how my cat wound up in another location? I have him back so all is well, just wondering if I can do something to prevent this from happening again.

Thank you !
Hi Callie,
What you're seeing is a result of two things combined, Linden Labs' recent change to the SL physics engine and lag in your region. What happens is the cat gets going running (babies are especially bad, because they move so fast), they run past their 'range' before the physics catches up to that fact, and they can get into areas where they don't belong, as you saw.

If it keeps happening, I'm going to suggest that you turn off the walk/run animation via their menu when you log out. That way they don't inadvertently end up in your inventory and you're unaware and they get sick. Good luck!
I like to add something to what Liriel rightly said
If you want it to be possible to let them walk and run you can make thick (invisable) walls and an extra thick floor around your land or the area they walk in.
While if the kitties run they easily go through a thin wall a thick wall prevents this.
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