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Full Version: Tuesday at NOON we got another Date
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And today the following Kitties will be dancing in the Tiki Bar with Shania

? Olympic Special -- ALL 3 Collectors!!!
? 4T Oci BLUE PURE w. Caramel Eyes
? 8T Bali Lilac Apple GLITTA Shorty PLUSH
? 9T Aby Lilac Ody Rainbow PORCELAIN
? 6T Snow Wild Cherry TWINKLE ChopChop
? 3T Bluepoint hides BOOBOO WHISKERS
? 9T BlackRus WildCherry & SoFo
? 9T WhiteRus OdyDream PORCELAIN & SoFo
? 6T Tawny Grass Glitter & Plush W - hides Bali
? Breeding Couple Fawns both 9T

And the Raffle Babe is a 7T Snow perf Canary Eyes hides Aby

and this beauty just got in the Line up as well

? 5T Bali CREAM FLAIR PLUSH Whiskers
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