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Full Version: 11am Auction to kick the Kitty Week off
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and another week starts ....

and here we got the boost to kick you off!!!

? Breeding Couple Aby Lilac LIGHTWASH
? 7T Tawny TWINKLE & Curious Whiskers
? 6T Bali Plum Flair Rounded Ears
? 6T RusBlack RainbowP Glitter ChopChop
? 7T OciChoc chopChop & Softfold
? 4T Bali Lilac Grass 2 tone Whiskers
? 5T Snow RainbowP FUSSY Tail Rounded Ears
? 9T Tawny RainbowP Illume Rounded Ears

And the Raffle Babe is a 5T Tabby w CURIOUS Whiskers hiding Tawny Pointed Softfold and Frazzled Whiskers .... all in one go ... so slap that board!
Yay!! Can't wait, great line up!
Beautiful line up!!
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