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Full Version: Monday 11AM = Shania'S Auction Time!
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yeah so let's start the new week with some awesome kitties ....

Kitties in the Hula Dance today at 11AM:

4T Bali CREAM LYNX Flair & Plush Whiskers
4T Bali SEAL LYNX Ody2 Ears & Plush Whiskers
5T Oci Lav ODY KALEIDOSCOPE & Rounded - hides BALI
8T SnowBluep perf Huckleberry + BigBooBoo Ears
6T Sia Seal perf Apple hides Od Kalei
5T Rus Black Gerb Purple PURE TWINKLE
3T Sia Flame Mocha Myst Eyes hides BALI FLAME

RAFFLE: 7T Oci Choc Glitter & Shorty Tail *cute*
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