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Full Version: Bid-A-Box is now O P E N!
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The Box Bidding War Is about to START!

Come on over to the Bid-A-Box Area @ Apache CatSmart!

Panel 1:
? 7T Pure Abyssinian Black Silver with Perfect Lemon eyes Ody 1 Ears and Black Mysterious Whiskers
Opening bid: 2.500L

Panel 2:
? 9T Russian White (Retired Fur) Stunning & Perfect Blacklight eyes (Retired Eyes)+ Glitter
Opening Bid: 1.000L

Panel 3:
?5T Russian White (Retired Fur) with Perfect Fancie Blue Diamond eyes!
Opening Bid: 500L

Panel 4:
?7T Burmese Platinum with Ody Carnival eyes, hides the other 2T!
Opening Bid: 400L

Panel 5:
9T Snowshoe Bluepoint Perfect Blue Ice eyes, Glitter!
Opening Bid: 500L

Panel 6:
? 7T Russian Black with Rainbow Prism eyes perfect white mysterious whiskers!
Opening Bid: 600L

Head over to the Bid-A-Box area and take a pick!

Let the bidding war begin!!!

Any questions? Doubts? Irresistible need to banter?

IM Rubes (ruby Tierbal) or Giuliana Verrazzano and we will gladly help you out!
Yes Thanks to all who helped and supplied some stunning kitties for the first of many we hope
check them out u have 24 hours to think about which one to bid on , or all of them lol.
Great way to collect your cattery additions for your breeding plans
We cant wait to see you there Smile
yay the first one is over and with some sucess , so ty to all who took apart and keep an eye for the next one coming soon Smile
if ur interested in panels contact either Giuliana Verrazzano or myself inworld via Im or Nc
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