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Full Version: *CREAM Lynx OS & TIGUR CURL OS* for 1pm Thursday 19th @ TOO ADORABLE with Ifoni!!!
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?? Too Adorable Auctions ??
??Thursday 19th July 1PM w/ Ifoni??
LineUp Includes: Still Some Panels Available!!!
Le Tigre Bengal Lapis Eyes
7T Aby Fawn Balinese CREAM Lynx OS
7T Balinese Seal Lynx Mysterious Light Wash
Silver Tabby Hiding TIGER CURL Tail
6T Balinese Chocolate Lynx Lemon SoftFold
9T Bengal Snow Perfect Apple TWINKLE Rounded Plush Whiskers
5T Aby Black Silver Lucky Irish Clover
7T Siamese Flame Pointed Soft Fold
9T Aby Lilac Ody Rainbow Porcelain
7T Russian Black Light Wash

Gawjus 7T Balinese Seal Lynx on the Raffle Board just 99L for your chance to win - Random Prize Giver!!!
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