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Full Version: New Auction...with a Twist!
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Bid-A-Box! Auction your KittyCats boxes....with a twist!!

This is our new fun idea for selling your KittyCats boxes!

Tired of endlessly walking the markets and being beaten up by lag?Dodgy
Want to offer your Epic KittyCats boxes for auction but time zones get in the way?Undecided
No more!!! Big Grin

Come by to our new and fresh Bid-A-Box area and enjoy this new auction with a twist.

Panels are up for free!

KittyCats boxes on display image only so you can choose the cat that fits your projects and take it home to unpack when it best suits you.

Auction will run for 24 hrs from this Friday (20/07/2012) from 4am SLT so hurry up and sort those boxes out with the new update and bring them over!

Contact Rubes (ruby Tierbal) for a panel. Heart
YAY , please come along we have one panel left if ur interested IM me inworld but be quick Smile
nothing to loose and it could be fun !!
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