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Full Version: Auction Wed 6pm SLT with Sanura @ Too Adorable
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OMG have we got a line up for you this humpday!! I am just ..... why don't I just list a few here instead of boring you all with my nonsense.

Bali Lilac Ody Sublime +3
Oci Ebony Silver (FIRST FOR SALE)
Bali Flame 18C +1
Russian White Starry Baby Blues Flair +3
Pink & White Gerb Pink Glitter Rounded +2
Oci Tawny Ody Rainbow Illume Black Whisk +3

? Aby Black Silver Purrfect Ody Rainbow Illume +3 on the Raffle board!! Only 99L for your chance to win!!

Don't forget our random giver will be running and it is full of awesome prizes including Gift Cards, Love 5's, Pedigree Givers, Love Drops, Beds, Collars, Vests, Statues from RFL, Top Hats, brand new glasses, Celebration Kitty Statues and MUCH MORE!!

?? ??
Such a wonderful (and epic) lineup and raffle kitty! Smile
Starts in less then 30 minutes you do NOT want to miss this line up!!
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