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Full Version: Crashing
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I have been to three markets now, one a few times. Whenever I touch, and I mean one touch on a cat, I crashAngry

This does not happen with mine, nor with the cats at the KittyCats main store.Heart

Can anyone explain? I am using Firestorm.Angel

It is happening with boxes too.
The only thing I can think of, is that markets can get laggy sometimes. It may be ok while you are just walking or standing but moving the camera or asking SL (!) to process one more thing may be too much for the viewer. Have you tried lowering your graphics/draw distance/etc?

I hope this helps.
Nope, no lag, it was Firestorm, pure and simple. Switched to Phoenix and all sorted. And it was an instant crash, as soon as I touched, that would not be lag related imo.
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