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Full Version: Can't set partner?
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I'm trying to partner two of my cats and I'm having an issue.

I clicked on the female, selected breed, then entered the male's name. All was good! She had the female & male icon next to her 2 little hearts, but the male did not get the female & male icon. When I click on the male, it says he is not partnered with anyone. So I tried the same with him, and entered the female's name, and get the message that "Kismet" is already partnered.

I've checked the spelling of the name, etc.

Any suggestions?
I've seen this happen with a friend, and it turned out there were two males with the same name somehow and it partnered the wrong one. If that's not the case, then you'll need to file a ticket under the support area with both cats' IDs and let them straighten it out for you. Best of luck!
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