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Full Version: EPIC Lineup Starts in 20 Minutes (10AM SLT) w Chelle
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Saturday 10am ~ Rumble in the Jungle with Chelle
We are going to have a ROARING good time with amazing cats from some of the
best breeders on the grid! You won't want to miss this Sensational Lineup!! Too Adorable Auctions are THE PLACE TO BE to buy & sell kitties!!
Le Tigre - Bengal w Ody Cobalt & Olivine!!
Balinese Chocolate Lynx + Glitter + 3
TEACUP Aby Ruddy + Wild Cherry + Glitter + 2
Siamese Blue + Strawberry Bellini + 2
Aby Black Silver + WHITE PLUSH Whiskers + 2
Snow RED + Beach Blue + 3
Snow Chocolate + PERF MORNING DEW +4
Balinese Seal Lynx - Rainbow Prism + 3
8T Russian Black w Gerbera Purple Perfect Eyes!!
& So Much MORE!!

Siamese Chocolate + STUBBY + Ody 1 + 1 on the Raffle ~ 99L to enter!!
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