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Full Version: Monday Auction @ TRU - TEACUP FOXIE - Bali Flame - Purrfect eyes galore & ++++++++
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~~Kitty's Auction~~
~~at TraitS R uS~~

Join us @ 12 pm for an amazing auction with Kitty !!!!

Silver Tabby, Od DreamSmall, SF
9T Cream Tabby, Purrfect Prism, Porcelain, SF
9T Siam Choc, Purrfect LIC, Porcelain, SF
Siam Flame, Purrfect Gerb Orange +2
Bali Choc, Azure Myst, Od BooBoo Ears +2
8T Burm Plat, Purrfect Gerb Purple, Flair, TEACUP
7T Russian Black, Purrfect Plat
Aby B/S, Lemon Myst, Od1 Ears +2
7T Bali Seal, Plat Myst, Flair, Plush Tail

On special panels :
Foxie Auburn, FriskyT, SF, TEACUP
Bali FLAME, Fire Myst, CuriousT, PlushW +1

Raffle :
Bali Seal, Prism, FriskyT, MystE

TraitS R uS
Starting in 15mn, see you all there ! Big Grin
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