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Full Version: Breeding Pairs...Shades...Eye Colours...<90% Loved up Kittens
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So many cats to take home - great prices!

? Pair of Double Traited Bengals, One with Pink Ice Eyes and Mysterious Ears - parents are Sorrell & Charcoal Bengal. The other with Forest Eyes and Mysterious Tail

? Pair of Siamese Seals - Lepracat parents! Pink Ice & Azure eyes

? A loved up pair of Tabbies over 85%

? Snowshoe at only 6250L

? Chateau Cat with Flair - Lepracat parents

? 2 Females over 90% love, no vitamins given.

? Illume/Flair/Pink Ice/Blue Ice/Sorbet & so much more

All prices are negotiable, IM me with an offer!
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