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Full Version: Looking for M+F Australian Mist - Gingers
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Looking for 2 Australian Mist - Gingers, 1 male and 1 female.

Normal coat or at least a coat that does not have any shine or glow.
Only interested in kitties that do not have purple, pink, rainbow, etc. eye colors – natural eye shade colors only.
Tail type not picky although will not buy any of the boo boo tails. (bonus points if they have to have one of the more fluffy tails, but not required)
Ears, not picky, but no boo boo ears – super bonus points if they happen to have the scotty fold ears though!
Not too picky with whiskers as long as they look natural (no blue tips, etc)

If you happen to have one of these for sale, please message me inworld at: Phate Shepherd

(and if possible please share a screenshot or picture of the kitty, or a landmark to where we can go see the kitten to make sure it’s what we are looking for)

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