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Full Version: Pedigree Classes 2nd Saturday of each month at 7am
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Not sure how those darned traits work? Hop on over to CatTales Saturday morning at 7am! Lexi will walk you through how to determine dominant versus recessive and get you on the way to creating the kitty that you want!

The second Saturday of each month!
7am- Pedigree class with Lexi
Starts in ten mins!!

This is a pedigree class for everyone who is interested in Kittycat genetics and traits.

This is for everyone, not just auction attendersSmile COvers basic inheritance, mendelian genetics, traits, dominance, hidden traits, generational jumps and probablity and possibility.

COme and have some fun, interactive class suitable for all from beginners to experienced breeders.
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Cat tales Genetics and Hiders class today at 3pm! Everyone welcome. Covers basic genetics, kittycat hiders and dominance, traits, reading pedigrees. With Lexi (and a lot of eyeballs)
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