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How do I get food to my cats that in the cattery? I have food but how do I get it here. I do not have gems. Or how can I take my cats back home?
Hi there Bellalooloo,

Food/Milk in world can not be transferred to the online Cattery and vice versa. The two foods are separate.

If you wish to add food to your online Cattery, you can do so through the Cattery page by using the '+add' button under the food icons at the top right of the screen. In order to purchase food/milk in the Cattery you will need to either have K$ or you can enable the use of L$ on your 'Kitty Dollars' page.
(NOTE: If you wish to use L$ in the Online Cattery, then you will need a Cattery Dock out on your land with Debt rights granted.)

If you want to bring your cats back in world so they can eat the food you have there, then you will need a Cattery Dock, which can be gotten for 0L$ in our Customer Pavilion out front of our in world store. Rez the dock out at home and left click on it > Click 'Get Cat' and go to the webpage it gives you > click on the cats you want back in world and they will appear on your dock.

We have lots of great information about the online Cattery and many other things in our manual. Here is the page that goes over how to use the Cattery and how to bring your cats back in world :

Let us know if you have any issues or questions. Thanks Smile
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