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Full Version: Oci Choccy Boy, 100% Love!
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This yummy boy will be on Special Panel A at Myst's auction tonight at 6pm SLT! At 100% love, this is a 'twofer' cause he can go home and immediately make you a box with a ready and willing female.

? Sundae

? 14 days ? 100% ? 86%

?? 61% ?? 7%

Fur: Ocicat - Chocolate
Eyes: Passion (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Curious
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: 2 Tone Black & White (Shape: Curious)

Total Yumminess with a cherry on top -- or several (and if you don't believe me, check the pedigree!). Serving up very recessive Oci Chocolate fur with Small Passion eyes and a Curious tail, this little Sundae also sports 2-Tone *Curious* whiskers! Dad hides a Mysterious Eye and Soft Fold Ears, Mom also hides Mysterious Eye and Mysterious Ears, so you're 2/3 likely to have a Mysterious eye and 2/3 likely to have an ear hiding as well for 8T potential! With all this goodness and nuts to boot, what else could we name him but Sundae?

He's all set up and ready for previewing, link to the auction is in my signature!
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