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Full Version: SL19B SteamPunk Kitty: Q#1 feeding prob / conv to PermaCat
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#1) Can my SL19B gift Steampunk Kittie be "converted" to a PermCat as a normal cat can ? If yes, what would have to be purchased for such a Steampunk Kitty ?
#2) No matter how often I read the manual, I cannot get my Kitty to eat the Hat Food. I wear the Hat Food, I wear the Kitty ... still she is getting more hungry every hour.
Thanks in advance.
Hi there Robert.

#1) All KittyCatS can be made into a PermaPet once they are over 7 days old.
- For cats 7 - 120 days old, you would need the PermaPet vitamin.
- For cats 120+ days old, you would need PermaPet 120.
You can purchase PermaPet in our vitamin section of the store HERE.
(they are on a stand in front of the vitamin shelves.)

#2) The hat food is a starter food bowl. This means all you need to do is rez the hat bowl out on the ground where you keep your kitty and the cat will auto start eating the food once it is awake. The food will not work if attached to the avatar.

I hope this information helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or one of our CSRs. Smile
Also the cat can't eat if attacked and the bowl is on the ground.

There is hand-held food to wear when you're "cuddling" the attached cat. Get it at the Main Store.
Hi there!

Just a little note: KittyCatS can eat from bowls rezzed in world while the cat is attached to your avatar, as long as bowl is set where the cat can eat from it.

- My Cats & Anyone:
- SIM - You would need to be on the same sim as the food.
- PARCEL - You would need to be on the same parcel as the food.

- Group or Range:
- GROUP - You would need to be wearing the same group as the food.
- RANGE - You would need to be in range of the food.

We do offer a portable food option for when you wish to take your kitties with you on adventures around SL!
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