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Hi... I bought a kitty. Hubby loves him. Hubby was petting him last night. Cat suddenly has error message saying he is a duplicate and that we should delete him... Now cat is gone from the pedigree AND the ticket submitted has been deleted.

We did NOT send the cat to the menagerie. We paid for a permacat for hubby so he would have his own kitty. Now she's gone. Very sad and very puzzled not to even get a response.
Hi there Tempusvn,

We will never just delete a ticket. If the ticket is gone from your open tickets, that means it has been completed and closed. You can go to the Support tab > Click View Tickets > Change the drop down from unsolved to solved to see any closed tickets. You can click on your tickets to see what reply we gave.

I can say that the cat was returned yesterday, it is possible that the cat did not get to you due to being offline, sometimes things can get lost on the way or things can get capped. If you either reply on your ticket or open a new one we can resend the cat Smile

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me in world.
-FoxieCat Resident
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