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Full Version: My cats Quark and Odo
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There were my cats. Quark and Odo (the white one). I got them both when i was a girl and they were 5 weeks old. They passed away, both within a week after my father passed away back in October 2014. I was out of state working when my father died. I drove home and Quark died about 2 hours before i got home. I was home for a week before i had to go back to work and the day after i left, Odo passed. I still miss them both.

Awww, they are so pretty.

I am sorry to hear of their loss, but I am sure they are keeping your father company.

Maybe you can find two kittycats that look kinda like them to keep you company in world.

Big hugs! Thanks for sharing Quark and Odo. <3

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