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Full Version: The Furever Beach "Summer Time Fun" Kitty Photo Contest
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The Furever Beach "Summer Time Fun" Kitty Photo Contest

[Image: fb-summer-tf-ad-board.png]

Photos can be submitted starting Monday Sept, 6th, 2021 and end Thursday Sept 30th, 2021. This contest is for all Furever Beach Patrons.

Contestants must submit a full perm photo of their Kittycats kitty or kitties within the required theme.
The Theme:
"Summer Time Fun"
As Fall approaches I thought it would be fun to show off your kitties in a Summer time fun setting.

There are 24 available canvases for entries that I will display photos for all to view. Located behind the Pirate's Cove auction site in the Kracken Town pirate village.

Photos must be received no later then Thurs, Sept 23rd, 2021 to be eligible.
Please submit a note card with the your login and display names and a short description of the photo along with the full perm photo.
Only one entry per contestant/avatar (No alts) allowed.
The photo description can be as short and simple as a title or a short story/history of the photo subject/s (The kitty/kitties).

Sept, 24th judges will begin evaluating photos and casting their votes.

Winners will be announced and Prizes will be presented at the Pirate's Cove Kitty Auction Friday Oct, 8th, 2021.
1st Place: 1250 K$ Gift card from KittyCats
2nd Place: 500 K$ Gift card from KittyCats
3rd Place: 250 K$ Gift card from KittyCats

Submit all entries to John0than Masters
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