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Full Version: PawZ Summer Kitty Carnival
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On July 24th-25th the PawZ Sim will be hosting a Carnival celebrating something we all have in common, KittyCats! What better way to celebrate then to join forces, support one another, and work together and raise money for charity. This carnival we are hosting a Relay for Life Auction and would love your support!

Want to donate a kitty? Reach out to XxChaoticEmbracexX Resident
Things to expect at the fair!

Musical Entertainment! – Come and party with us, bring your friends, your pets, your neighbor- everyone! This fair is for everyone. We have DJs performing!

Karaoke hour! – Yes. Live singing!~ C’mon. You know you want to.

Relay for Life auction - July 25th 2-3 SLT [Usually the Fireplace Auction]

It wouldn't be a Carnival if we didn’t have Rides! Booths, Kittycatz, and food!

This is a full weekend event where we can all pull together and do something great!
Featured Booths:
We have some featured booth space available for marketplaces or private stores to advertise their sims/shops!

If you're interested in performing, donating, or taking part in this carnival reach out to : XxChaoticEmbracexX Resident in world or visit us here :
This is awesome! Love it and all for a good cause
Bloooop. Just bumpin' since it's this weekend Big Grin
Nice and thanks for the update.
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