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Full Version: Addicts Flickr group
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The header photo of the Addicts flickr group is ... seagulls.
Maybe if the header had KittyCats in it, it would send a message that the group is about KittyCats.
maybe a slight shift in the header photo is all it will take to show a kitty? hehe or maybe resize the image.
It's a stock photo provided by flickr itself for groups that haven't updated their header photos in years.
hi, i thought i had replied to this!! so sorry!

sadly, there was/is a problem with the original email used to set up the site and flickr will NOT allow us to move it into another KC site.

i have tried over and over to prove it's ours, and long story short, we've left it as there was no way to merge it to a new site and no way to save all those amazing photos!!

i have debated just starting over... and at one point they moved my correspondence to higher management (hard to even get someone to help in the first place) to see if they would PLEASE allow us to take over the site. but they said no again.

it's a bummer and i've left it alone as i've not known which decision to make. keep it as it OR start over. Sad

i guess i can try again and see if maybe now they would let us merge again Smile

i do have a new kittycats site BUT i never told anyone in hopes that flickr would merge the current with the one we could control.
Saving the photos is possible, just tedious. How many are there? I'm assuming a lot. A few would be savable by-hand. A script could probably be written to grab them all if it's a bunch. What would be lost, though, would be linkage to owners; everything would be owned by the new uploader.
Callie, I didn't realize that was the problem.
I totally sympathize. I, myself have old abandoned Flickr accounts that I can't log into.
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