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Full Version: I'm BaaAAAaack
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Hey everyone!

I've been on hiatus from SL for around 5 years. Nika talked me into coming back so all this is totally her fault. I had forgotten how adorably addicting KittyCatS are.

So of course, I'm back to breeding and loving all the new traits I missed out on while I was gone.

I still have over 5k boxes in my cattery so if you're looking for some older or retired traits, I might have it. Feel free to ask.

When I'm not standing around in my skybox looking at my cats, I'll probably have my nose in the pedigree planning my next project or be wandering a kitty market. I always try to attend Late Nacht and Nikka and Rev's auctions as much as I can and love to check out others too.

Seems like KC is still going strong and that makes me happy.

See ya around the campfire!

Welcome back Nocshadue!!

We are glad to hear you are back, there have been many new and fun additions / traits over the years! I am sure you will have a blast checking them all out!

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to message me anytime!

Welcome back to the KittyCatS family!
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